Circuit Information:

Name: Le Mans
Address: Address: Automobile Club de l'Ouest, Circuit des 24 Heures, 72019 Le Mans, Cedex 2, France
Country: France
Website: Click here

Last 10 events on this track:

Start Date Event Layout
18-08-2021World Endurance Championship 2021 - 24 Hours of Le MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
14-05-2021FIM Enel MotoE World Cup 2021 - FIM Enel MotoE World Cup FranceCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
09-10-2020FIM Enel MotoE World Cup 2020 - FIM Enel MotoE World Cup Shark Helmets Grand Prix de FranceCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
27-09-2019FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2019 - Le Mans BugattiCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
17-09-2019World Endurance Championship 2019 - 24 Hours of Le MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
29-09-2018FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2018 - Le MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
13-06-2018World Endurance Championship 2018 - 24 Hours of Le MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
12-06-2018World Endurance Championship 2018 - 24 Hours of Le MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
22-09-2017FIA European Truck Racing Championship 2017 - Le MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)
14-06-2017World Endurance Championship 2017 - 24 Heures du MansCircuit de la Sarthe (01-01-2015)

All layouts available:

Startdate Enddate Name Length (km)
01-01-2015 Circuit de la Sarthe13.629 kilometers
01-01-200831-12-2014Circuit de la Sarthe13.629 kilometers
01-01-200731-12-2007Circuit de la Sarthe13.629 kilometers
01-01-200631-12-2006Circuit de la Sarthe13.65 kilometers
01-01-200231-12-2005Circuit de la Sarthe13.65 kilometers
01-01-200031-12-2001Circuit de la Sarthe13.605 kilometers
01-01-199731-12-1999Circuit de la Sarthe13.605 kilometers
01-01-199131-12-1996Circuit de la Sarthe13.6 kilometers
01-01-199031-12-1990Circuit de la Sarthe13.6 kilometers
01-01-198931-12-1989Circuit de la Sarthe13.535 kilometers
01-01-198731-12-1988Circuit de la Sarthe13.535 kilometers
01-01-198631-12-1986Circuit de la Sarthe13.528 kilometers
01-01-197931-12-1985Circuit de la Sarthe13.626 kilometers
01-01-197631-12-1978Circuit de la Sarthe13.64 kilometers
01-01-197231-12-1975Circuit de la Sarthe13.64 kilometers
01-01-197031-12-1971Circuit de la Sarthe13.469 kilometers
01-01-196831-12-1969Circuit de la Sarthe13.469 kilometers
01-01-196531-12-1967Circuit de la Sarthe13.461 kilometers
01-01-195631-12-1964Circuit de la Sarthe13.461 kilometers
01-01-194831-12-1955Circuit de la Sarthe13.461 kilometers
01-01-193231-12-1939Circuit de la Sarthe13.461 kilometers
01-01-192931-12-1931Circuit de la Sarthe16.34 kilometers
01-01-192031-12-1928Circuit de la Sarthe16.34 kilometers


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