Event Information:

Competition: IMSA SportsCar Championship
Championship: IMSA SportsCar Championship 2021
Name: Hyundai Monterey Sports Car Championship
Circuit: Laguna Seca
From: 10-09-2021
To: 12-09-2021


Position Driver Team Result Laps
1Konica Minolta Acura (Wayne Taylor Racing)2:40:49.456118
2Cadillac Chip Ganassi Racing (Chip Ganassi Racing)2:41:04.331118
3Whelen Engineering Racing (Action Express Racing)2:41:04.848118
4Meyer Shank Racing with Curb-Agajanian (Meyer Shank Racing)2:41:14.985118
5Mazda Motorsports (Speedsource)2:41:17.959118
6JDC-Miller Motorsports (JDC Motorsports)2:41:06.955116
7PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports (PR1 Motorsports)2:41:10.984116
8Tower Motorsport by Starworks (Starworks Motorsport)2:40:52.397115
9WIN Autosport2:41:06.054115
10Era Motorsport (Era Motorsports)2:41:41.324115
11Corvette Racing2:42:09.928112
12Corvette Racing2:40:56.260111
13WeatherTech Racing (Proton Racing)2:41:38.054111
14Pfaff Motorsports2:41:23.282107
15Paul Miller Racing2:41:28.794107
16Wright Motorsports2:41:31.858107
17Turner Motorsport (Turner)2:41:43.735107
18Heart of Racing Team2:42:01.075107
19Vasser Sullivan (AIM Vasser Sullivan)2:40:54.593106
20CarBahn with Peregrine racing (Peregrine Racing)2:41:23.870106
21Team Hardpoint EBM (Team Hardpoint)2:41:30.898106
22Magnus with Archangel (Magnus Racing)2:42:00.516106
23Vasser Sullivan (AIM Vasser Sullivan)2:40:52.208105
24Gradient Racing2:41:54.757103
25Heart of Racing Team0
26Compass Racing0
Position Driver Team Result Laps
1Mazda Motorsports (Speedsource)1:14.55234
2Whelen Engineering Racing (Action Express Racing)1:14.55437
3Konica Minolta Acura (Wayne Taylor Racing)1:14.68033
4Meyer Shank Racing with Curb-Agajanian (Meyer Shank Racing)1:14.90828
5JDC-Miller Motorsports (JDC Motorsports)1:15.06535
6Cadillac Chip Ganassi Racing (Chip Ganassi Racing)1:15.38038
7Era Motorsport (Era Motorsports)1:17.06533
8PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports (PR1 Motorsports)1:17.25834
9Tower Motorsport by Starworks (Starworks Motorsport)1:18.01239
10WIN Autosport1:18.21229
11Corvette Racing1:21.68031
12Corvette Racing1:21.81733
13WeatherTech Racing (Proton Racing)1:21.91439
14Paul Miller Racing1:24.23735
15Wright Motorsports1:24.45534
16Pfaff Motorsports1:24.47936
17Turner Motorsport (Turner)1:24.53726
18Vasser Sullivan (AIM Vasser Sullivan)1:24.55130
19Heart of Racing Team1:24.78635
20CarBahn with Peregrine racing (Peregrine Racing)1:25.07231
21Team Hardpoint EBM (Team Hardpoint)1:25.16733
22Vasser Sullivan (AIM Vasser Sullivan)1:25.21133
23Gradient Racing1:25.24434
24Compass Racing1:25.24439
25Heart of Racing Team1:25.34930
26Magnus with Archangel (Magnus Racing)1:25.84933
Position Driver Team Result Laps
1Konica Minolta Acura (Wayne Taylor Racing)1:14.88028
2Whelen Engineering Racing (Action Express Racing)1:14.97429
3Mazda Motorsports (Speedsource)1:15.21531
4JDC-Miller Motorsports (JDC Motorsports)1:15.33536
5Cadillac Chip Ganassi Racing (Chip Ganassi Racing)1:15.34336
6PR1/Mathiasen Motorsports (PR1 Motorsports)1:16.11536
7Meyer Shank Racing with Curb-Agajanian (Meyer Shank Racing)1:16.24424
8Era Motorsport (Era Motorsports)1:16.99628
9Tower Motorsport by Starworks (Starworks Motorsport)1:17.05336
10WIN Autosport1:17.91139
11Corvette Racing1:22.08134
12WeatherTech Racing (Proton Racing)1:22.10831
13Corvette Racing1:22.21429
14Turner Motorsport (Turner)1:24.63031
15Pfaff Motorsports1:25.10532
16Paul Miller Racing1:25.15830
17Vasser Sullivan (AIM Vasser Sullivan)1:25.34330
18Gradient Racing1:25.37938
19Compass Racing1:25.39836
20Heart of Racing Team1:25.42430
21Wright Motorsports1:25.77333
22Magnus with Archangel (Magnus Racing)1:25.84131
23CarBahn with Peregrine racing (Peregrine Racing)1:26.04133
24Vasser Sullivan (AIM Vasser Sullivan)1:26.06931
25Team Hardpoint EBM (Team Hardpoint)1:26.15432
26Heart of Racing Team1:26.39530