Welcome to Rcrz

Welcome to Rczr, my COVID-19 pet project. Although there are already quite some sites available which show you race results from different classes with all kinds of data available I found out that none of the show a really holistic view on the drivers themselves. It never shows their full racing career.

With Rcrz it is my attention to get as close as possible to showing that full career in the most broadest spectrum of racing. To do so I have created a single data model which holds and collects all the information required to show you this data.

I collect this data from all kinds of sources and bring it together to one single model where every racing class, championship and event contains similar data. Tips are always welcome.

Currently only a small set of this data is available. With the coming weeks and months more kinds of data, but also more (historical) data will be shown itself. 


Kinds regards,

Jorn Vennix

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